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Content Notice: This game will contain depictions of verbal abuse, specifically gaslighting, for the intended purpose of learning and safe readings.

I Hear You is a game about confronting gaslighting through conversation and helping the people who are abused under it. It is currently in development for release around August 1st.


Interact with the story of the teenage Tulip as they walk through their home recalling past partners and friendships. These recollections are represented as text conversations between the partner and Tulip. Here, Tulip can replay their memory and try different choices than what happened. The player acts through predictive text keyboard prompts to guide Tulip to make statements they might not have in the memory and learn from the past. Not all partners were honest, and learning to identify gaslighting through these conversations is key to "moving on" from these memories. It's ok even if the player doesn't "solve" these conversations as life is never as simple as just sending a text message, and life lived is more important than winning or losing.

In engaging with the game, the hope is that not only will Tulip learn to better defend themselves against gaslighting, but the player gets to practice the language needed to defend themselves in life too.


This pitch was nominated as a finalist for the Jennifer Ann's Group game design challenge to create games to further their goal of stopping teen domestic violence. 

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