A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Bee-sy body is a game about a bee. Try and control the bee and get as many yellow pollen clouds as possible without crashing into the flowers! So fly skillfully into the clouds around the flower but don't crash into the flowers themselves!

One problem: You have to play pong with the buz'Z' (the big Z) in order to stay in control of the bee. If the Z falls off the screen then the bee will stall out until it hits one of the paddles again.

Try and get enough pollen to get a cup of honey! Only about 1.4 million flowers worth! 

This project was created by me in a 48 hour time period, but not for a jam.  Probably like a total of 6 hours actually worked across 2 days.This was demoed for the St Louis Science Center. Majority of the art was hand drawn onto index cards


Up/Down: Paddles up and down

Left/Right: Pitch the bee up and down, respectively

Install instructions

Download and unzip the platform specific zip file and run the .app or executable where relevant.


Beesy Body (Windows) 7 MB
Beesy Body (OSX) 7 MB

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