First to hit "wins"

Fireballs have start up, or wind up before throwing. You can only throw one fireball on screen at a time. 

Jumps come down with attacks, but uppercuts can beat jumps.

Fireballs beat walking.

Keyboard Controls:

Blue Controls:


Standing still: W - Uppercut

While moving: W - jump in direction

S - Fireball

A, D - Move left and right.

Orange Control:

Arrow Keys
Standing still: Up - Uppercut

While moving: Up - jump in direction

Down - Fireball

Left and right - move left and right


This game is designed to capture the basic elements of a fighting game. The fireball, the uppercut, and the jumping attacking. In playing this game, I hope that others see this as a foundation for creating other games with this basic framework, but without the trappings of other fighting games. Please enjoy.

Created in about a week

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